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iPod touch Newest – Best available right now

Hello People… Ratings for all these gadgets depend upon individual needs.. I waited and waited for MS Zune HD and sort of liked it, but finally ended up buying the relabeled 2nd gen – though I hate steve the jobs more now, b’cos apple is just arrogant..

They should have added camera and fm to this iPod touch Newest 3rd gen, but probably they realized that still people are going to buy iPod touch Newest 3rd gen b’cos competition is nowhere near by.. I looked at cowon s9, – main advantage – supports lots of formats, amazing audio quality, but lacks youtube, browsing etc without wi-fi and sort of dint do whatever i wanted, looked at all sorts of archos – but their reliability seems to take a lot of beating. zune hd, well not worth it still without the apps. In the end nowhere to go apart from buying iPod touch Newest..

now about iPod touch Newest 3rd gen, nifty little device, main usage – browsing, email, videos, all apps – games etc.. many of them become free once in a while – just watch some forums. genie is one horrible function for non english music. it just doesn’t work. i just hate it.. get a cover bcos it will scratch easily.. not the glass but the body.

speaker is horrible. camera would have been awesome but steve the jobs doesn’t think we deserve it yet.. or else he thinks anyway you homosapiens you don’t have any option, so buy what he gives..

anyways .. good device for what i want to do, browse, watch youtube, play some games on the train, watch some videos on flights, sometimes for kids..

some nice games and apps i use – paper toss,weatherbug, google earth, sportacular, tapdefense, table tennis, fss hockey, unblockme, tvulite, bubblewrap spaceballs, personal assistant, sneezes lite, hookme..


iPod touch Newest – Nice looking gadget not very practical

I bought this 32G iPod touch Newest primarily to play music when having guest over for occasions, so I had to buy a docking speaker. Together they set me back about $400 which I find unnecessarily expensive. It can be used for e-mail and games but you need a wi-fi connection, so you are stuck using it at home, there is no mobility with it. So if you have a laptop or PC you don’t really need it.

iPod touch Newest 3rd gen only works with iTunes so you need to download that, then register it with Apple. After that it can only be used with the very computer you used to register it. Then Apple will send you an email every day to remind you that you need to buy additional customer service as it expires after 90 days ( I find it inconsiderate of consumer, the product is very expensive as it is).

And if you are not used to Apple products you are going to need help in the begining as the process of syncing it with iTunes is somewhat cumbersome. So after less then a month since i purchased iPod touch Newest, my iPod touch Newest sits un-touched somewhere in the house ( i don’t enven remember where it is). Even my 8-year-old got bored after playing games for a while. On the other side, Apple does a good job making the iPod touch Newest 3rd gen a tool for consuming even more Apple products (iTunes, App Store), which serves itself well, but serves not so well us the consumers.