Feng Shui Crystals

Feng shui crystals are one of the most used feng shui remedies to improve the flow of ‘qi’ or energy. The crystals referred to here is not the same kind of crystals that are usually used for jewelry. Although stones such as rose quartz can be used for example in the love corner to attract love, the crystals most commonly used in feng shui is a multifaceted clear sphere. They are effective for both attracting positive energy and deflecting negative energy. The facets capture sunlight and radiates it back out in multiple colors, using light as a very powerful cure in feng shui.

These spherical feng shui crystals come in a range of different sizes, typically 20mm, 30mm, 40mm and 50mm. The size of the crystal used in a given room should reflect the size of that room. For instance, the living room is usually the largest room of the house and therefore a 40mm or 50mm crystal should be used there. Crystals that are 30mm or 40mm in size are a good fit for the bedroom. A 20mm crystal is way too small for an average room, it is most commonly hung inside of a really tiny space such as a car. These feng shui crystals also come in a myriad of colors, each representing a specific feng shui element for different areas of a room or home. However clear is still the favorite as its sole purpose is to activate the ‘qi’ for an entire space.

There are a number of places where feng shui crystals should be hung in order to improve the feng shui. Problem areas include long hallways where there are many doors. Negative ‘qi’ is trapped in that spot and a crystal ball hung right in the center acts as a powerful force to tackle that energy. If a staircase faces the front door, a crystal should be hung between them. If a distinct entryway is missing an actual door, a crystal should be hung right above. A door is not supposed to be in a straight alignment with a major piece of furniture such as a bed or desk, if it is then a crystal should be hung between the two. Crystals also should be placed in areas with sharp projecting corners.

Feng shui crystals can basically be used anywhere depending on what it is you are looking to attract. Simply use a map bagua to locate the area of a room associated with the part of your life that needs improving and hang a crystal there. Since these crystals come in many different colors, it becomes more effective to place the same colored crystal ball as the associated corner. For instance, if you are looking to attract love, hanging a pink crystal in the relationship corner is ideal.

There are a few other important factors to keep in mind when using feng shui crystals. First, the crystal must be very clean, dust can easily accumulate which will make it lose some of its effectiveness. You must keep it clean in order to have it work as intended. Feng shui crystals come in a variety of shapes, however none is as effective as a completely round crystal ball. Hanging the crystal from the ceiling is ideal and using a red string or ribbon to hang the crystal makes it more auspicious. The length of the string can also make a difference, using a string that is either 9 inches, 18 inches or 27 inches long makes it even more powerful.